The Band Present their Virtual Concert 🎶

Cillian Year 4

Gerard Year 4

Eva Year 4

Pedar Year 5

Aishling Year 6

Finn Year 6

Hello everyone,
You may have known, our concert was meant to be on Friday 3rd April, unfortunately it didn’t happen. We had a thought about how we could have one! If anyone would like to take part (and I hope all of you will!) could you get someone to video you playing any piece you would like. If it’s an exam piece you can play along to a backing track which you can get online.
P4-7 brass and woodwind (this includes flutes) There are a couple of websites that are doing play along tunes with backing tracks. You could pick one, practice it, record and send it to me.
Search for ‘big shiny‘ on google and you should find the correct website. (Even if you know three notes, there is music for you to play!)

Those doing grades There is another one doing online assessments. You send in a video of you playing your grade pieces, they will assess it, write a report and send you a certificate!
Search for ‘Warwick Online Music Festival’ on google and you should find the correct website.
You have plenty of time to practice. If you could let me know if you are going to take part by emailing
Originally we had asked for pieces to be sent today. Thank you so much to Peadar, Aisling and Fionn who have sent in their wonderful pieces, they sound amazing! If everyone could send in a little piece we would have such a great concert.
You three feel free to record another piece if you wish. 🎶
We would also like to invite any primary four children who will be playing in the band in September. So if you play a brass instrument, flute or clarinet give it a go and join us.
You don’t need to email me the recordings until the latest Tuesday 29th April, then it will hopefully be ready for online by Monday 4th May. We are really looking forward to hearing and seeing you all!  🎼🎷🎺
Mrs Gibson and Mrs McCormick