Year 3

Year 3 we have reached the end of this term and we are so proud of all you have achieved this year. We have added some fun activities for you to complete for the last two days of term!

Monday 29th June – Tuesday 30th June


Silly Squad Reading

Year 3 Memories

We thought, while it is all fresh in your mind, it would be a good idea to record a little of what it was like in year 3 2019 – 2020!!! Take a little time to chat with your child all about it. How they felt, the changes that occurred, home schooling, isolating etc. This page will not be enough for some of you but do keep writing, it’ll be a great piece of work, keep it safe to read again in 5 years! PLEASE take the time to do this.

Summer Stories

Summer arts, crafts and ideas.

Nature Study

RSPB Summer Activities

Our Froglets

Mrs Davey’s garden has more exciting news!! A white butterfly has laid these eggs on a nasturtium plant. It will take 3 weeks for the eggs to hatch an then she’ll have caterpillars!!

Saving Water

Summer Activities


Phil Kids Choir 

The Belfast Philharmonic ‘Phil Kids Choir’ are recruiting for September 2020! Workshops would normally have taken place at school for Year 3 & 4 pupils however instead they are offering a taster session via Zoom on Tuesday 23rd June at 5.00pm.  If you are interested or would like to know more, please see the letter below.  



Music:  What are Dynamics?




Grow in Love Songs:

We are Rosary Children

Mary, Our Mother – Lyrics

Mary Our Mother

If I were a butterfly


Flat Stanley continues his quest around the world to teach others to recycle.

Music:  BBC Bring the Noise

Play it!  Get started experimenting with music and start exploring different elements of music that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and listen back to your own version of songs. (This works really well on a mobile device.)

Music:  Kye, Kye Kule Song

Practice singing the call & response song with body actions.


MUSIC: Hello to all the boys and girls in Year 3, Mrs Hennessey here! I’ll be posting some songs and music activities every week on Kidzone for you to have a bit of fun with!  This week’s song is ‘I’ll Tell Me Ma’, which we were all singing together in Music Class a few weeks ago.  

This song accompanies a children’s game. A ring is formed by the children joining hands, one player standing in the centre. When asked, “Please won’t you tell me who is she?,” the girl in the middle gives the name or initials of a boy in the ring (or vice versa). The ring then sings the rest of the words, and the boy who was named goes into the centre.  Try singing the song and playing the game with your brothers and sisters.  Have fun!