Year 6

Music: Composing Music with Found Sounds




A Message for the Band

Music:  ‘Ten Pieces’  Check out Ten Pieces on CBBC.  You will be able to explore classical music through digital art or animation, performance poetry, dance or movement and composition and see a full symphony orchestra perform each piece!

Music:  ‘Musical Mondays’

Check out ‘Musical Mondays’ on the C2k Newsdesk.  It features the band Coldplay performing Viva la Vida in concert – and a version of the song on violins performed by a pair of 12 year-old twins who are self-isolating at home in Italy.  Coldplay even sent the boys their congratulations on their performance!

Log on to C2K Newsdesk using your C2k password for all the latest stories.


MUSIC: Hello to all the boys and girls in Year 6, Mrs Hennessey here! I’ll be posting some songs and music activities every week on Kidzone for you to have a bit of fun with!  This week’s song is ‘The Rattlin Bog’, a popular Irish song – one that we were attempting to sing in Music Class a few weeks ago.  Rattlin’ means “splendid” or “super.”  

This is a cumulative song, which means that each time you add a new part to what you had just sung.  Each verse keeps getting longer and longer.  Very often the singers get faster and faster each time.  Try learning this at home and sing it for your family some night for a bit of fun!

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