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Challenges will be posted on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Once you have completed the challenge you can post the outcome to Twitter or you can email your photos/videos to

When you email your response let Sentinus know if they can share the pictures and your name onto their social media sites, as they would like to share your work. Good luck!!

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Friday 10th April

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Week 3

Monday 20th April

Wednesday 22nd April

Today’s challenge has two parts!

Part 1: is to complete the puzzle attached. You can print it out and stick the men in the correct place or you could draw them if you don’t have a printer.

Part 2: Make your own colourful spinning top. You may want to use some of the materials we have used.

Materials used:

  1. 10p and cardboard
  2. Cardboard and a pencil
  3. CD and a marble

You might even come up with some other ways to make a spinning top – we would love to see this! As an extra challenge you record the time it takes for the spinning top to start and finish and test which one spins the longest.

Don’t forget we are always looking out for our pupil of the week so make sure you send your finished challenges through to or contact us via our social media pages; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Have fun!!

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