The Parent/Teacher Association

The purpose of the PTA is to provide an ever more vital resource to the school in supplying practical and financial help through a wide range of fund raising events.

We have been working along side the school for many years.  During this time, we have raised over £130,000, all of which has been invested into the school to provide valuable resources to enhance the children’s learning.

Historically, the PTA have been instrumental in providing funds for the Computer Suite, a Mini Bus and various outdoor and sports equipment.

Here are just some of the ways the PTA have provided much needed funds for the school:

  • The Interactive White Boards which have been installed in all classrooms from Year 1 to Year 7.
  •  Additional Educational Psychology Assessments for children who would have left school without these reports.
  •  Sportswear for the Park Lodge Cross Country Team, Netball Team, Gaelic Team and Hurling Sticks and Helmets for Year 2 children.
  • The Trim Trail which is timetabled to be used by all the children from Year 1 through to Year 7.
  • Many educational resources to be used in the classrooms across all year groups.
  • Every year, we also provide treats such as party bags for the children after First Holy Communion and Confirmation, medals for Sports Day, Cream Eggs and Easter Eggs.
  • The Primary 7 children were also able to purchase a school hoodie with all the pupils’ names on it at a very reasonable price – something they can keep and look back on in future years!

All these small things mean so much to the children.

Another role of the PTA is to provide refreshments and assist at school events such as The Holy Communion, Confirmation, Sports Days and the P7 School Play.

How Do We Raise These Funds?

Every year we have many fund raising events which provide fun and entertainment for all the family, bringing the community together.  Some of these include:

  • The Christmas Fair during December
  • The Sausage Sizzle in June
  • For The Parents We have had great success with social events organised for the parents such as, “A Night At The Races” and “Quiz Night”
  • Bingo Night
  • The 200 Club – For £4 per month or £50 per annum please join our 200 club and be entered into our monthly draw for a prize of £50, £25, £10 and at our annual Sausage Sizzle a huge prize of £500.
  • A whole school calendar featuring all the children.

How can you get involved?

Any help any parent can give is greatly appreciated.  The PTA meet in the school staff room less than once a month to discuss ideas and organize events.  Every idea is welcomed and considered.  The current teachers involved in the PTA this year are, Mr Morrow (Yr 6) and Mr Murray (Yr 4).  If you are interested in joining, please check the website for details of the next meeting or leave your name and number in the school office and we will get back to you.

The PTA cannot exist without the help and support of parents.  It is a great organisation to make new friends and more importantly, help the children reach their full potential!

PTA funded items

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