Walk to School Week

7th May-21st May
It has been great to see so many families cycling, ‘scooting’ and walking to school. Our results showed a huge increase of families leaving their cars or parking further away and walking to school. Thank you to everyone involved it was great to see so many children getting their exercise started early in the morning, less cars around our school and decreasing our carbon footprint. 

Walk to School Week

17th- 21st May 2021


Through the week, pupils will be introduced to the Walking Superpowers who will teach them all about these benefits and reinforce the power of walking, superhero style!

Welcome to the five-day Walking Challenge 2021: WALKING SUPERPOWERS

This year’s challenge will focus on the walking superpowers that benefit individuals, communities and the planet. Each day pupils will be introduced to a brand new ‘Walking Superpower’ taking the form of a fun comic-book inspired design.

Walking has so many benefits from physical to mental wellbeing; aiding concentration and creativity and creating safer, less polluted and more welcoming streets. All that makes for a happy, healthy child set up for success in and out of the classroom.


Each pupil will be challenged to travel sustainably (walk, scoot, cycle or Park and Stride) to school every day for one week using the comic-book characters for inspiration. Each class will work collectively to make as many active journeys to school as possible across the week. Each day they will record the number of active journeys made to school in class and the results will be recorded to see how well each class is doing.