Year 1

While We Can’t Hug




Make Music from Jam Jars




The Carnival of the Animals: Royal March of the Lion

Imagine being a Lion in a parade!  Watch the video below and begin by being asleep in your den.  Wake up gradually, yawning and rubbing your eyes, then march around your room with the beat like the lion in the parade.  When you hear the lion ‘roar’ on the piano, make a BIG roar sound!  Listen out for the extra BIG roar at the end of the piece!!

Music:  Body percussion

Learn about rhythm by clapping and using your body:

  • a video to help you understand rhythm and body percussion
  • two activities to try out

Grow in Love Songs:

The Bells of the Angelus

Quiet and Still


Music:  I’m walking like a robot

Ask your child to think of words which describe robot movements, e.g. stiff, slow, jerky, heavy etc. Play the song and move like a robot:
– swivelling head in a slow and smooth movement; 
– raising and lowering arms stiffly to move a large object; 
– slow and deliberate footsteps, lifting knees up high. 

Encourage children to make vocal sounds which match the robot movements they perform, e.g. 
– swivelling head: zhhhhhh-tk zhhhhhh-tk 
– raising arms: sssssss sssssss sssssss sssssss 
– footsteps: crunk crunk crunk crunk

Reading Strategies

Number Formation

Music:  BBC Bring the Noise

Play it!  Get started experimenting with music and start exploring different elements of music that make up a song, play or clap along with the music and listen back to your own version of songs.  (This works really well on a mobile device.)

Music:  The Three Bears Rap

Don’t forget to add in the actions for the low, middle and high voices of the Three Bears!



MUSIC: Hello to all the boys and girls in Year 1, Mrs Hennessey here! I’ll be posting some songs and music activities every week on Kidzone for you to have a bit of fun with!  This week’s song is ‘A Place in the Choir’, which we were all singing together in Music Class a few weeks ago.  

Try singing this song with the actions to your family and enjoy the video! 

Letter formation.

Some useful links.




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Internet Safety


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